Porsche builds a better Spyder

Remember that insane GT4 we were raving about not a moment ago?  Insane because Porsche finally gave in to the demands of their enthusiastic fans and slotted the Carrera S engine into the mid-engined Cayman platform.  Finally!  Insane!  Incredible!  They did it!  And everyone frothed at the mouth and snapped up all the pre-orders in record time, because who  honestly expects Porsche to slot another Carrera S engine in their smaller, lighter, mid-engine platform any time soon.

How about this week?


Yes.  Oh yes.  The Boxster Spyder is back!  And it’s substantially better than it was before.  If you’ve ever seen the previous generation out in the wild, chances are the soft top was up, regardless of how beautiful the coastal California weather happened to be, because it was such a pain to lower.  The soft top is still manually actuated, but only takes one person, the driver.   And the looks!  The last Boxster Spyder certainly looked special but this.  This is utterly stunning.


And behind the seats?  That same Carrera S engine, just like the GT4!  The tune is different, just as the Carrera GTS and GT3 are cars of different character, yet there’s no doubt this Boxster Spyder is the absolute best Boxster variant Porsche produces.

Horsepower figures at 375, and transmission options include manual… and that’s it.  Acceleration achieves sixty in 4.3 seconds.  That’s quicker than any Boxster or Cayman this side of the GT4, and identical to the Carrera GTS.  Stopping power has been pilfered from the Carrera S, and ride height has been lowered 20 mm.  Given a straight enough road the Boxster Spyder will run out of steam at 180 mph.


Honestly, Porsche could have simply slotted the Cayman GTS engine/exhaust combo in the new Spyder and brought those incredible lines and improved roof and we would be stoked.  Instead they’re continuing to slot Carrera S engines in Boxster/Cayman chassis cars.  Once, Twice, could there be a third time?  Think about it, not a quarter after the GT4 and Porsche’s already provided us with a Boxster with a Carrera S engine, and it’ll be fantastic to drive.  While we know the folks at the GT Division of Porsche are incredibly busy with new projects but we cannot help but wonder just how bonkers they’ll continue to get with this new formula.  For now though, we’re simply elated the GT4 and Boxster Spyder exist because lets face it, who else is building a new mid-engine RWD manual sports car in 2015?  No one.

New-Porsche-Spyder-8 New-Porsche-Spyder-14 New-Porsche-Spyder-1 New-Porsche-Spyder-4