Volkswagen teases the Vision GTI concept

It’s a tease, so they show you just enough to be excited and we are excited! Following the W12 GTI from 2007 we are expecting the GTI Supersport Vision GT to be another dream car we wish we could have. Last year VW showed us the GTI Roadster Vision Gran Turismo, they decided to try it again with the new Gran Turismo 6 based on GTI.

Check out the teaser photos and videos below.

gti_vision_close_up_7 gti_vision_closeup_01 gti_vision_closeup_01gti_vision_closeup_03 gti_vision_closeup_01gti_vision_closeup_05 gti_vision_closeup_01gti_vision_closeup_06

Source: #VisionGTI | VWVortex