Vivaldi, the web browser war continues

Vivaldi, what it is you ask? I said the same thing when I first read about it. Most everyone is familiar with Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox or Opera. Internet Explorer start life fairly lonesome, but Mozilla, Firefox, Opera, Netscape and lastly Chrome has come into the scene and taken over the reigns from IE.

Personally, I use Chrome browser about 80% of my time. The only reason I use IE or Firefox is for specific web applications that don’t seem to be happy with Chrome.

Vivaldi was founded by former co-founder and CEO of Opera, Jon Stephenson von Tetzchner and Tatsuki Tomita. It’s engine is based on Chromium OS, aka Google Chrome. The amazing thing is, the extensions that are loaded on Chrome browser work on Vivaldi. So those that use Adblock or similar types of add-on extensions from Chrome, will be able to load them on Vivaldi.

Vivaldi is so much more than just Chrome, they have added a lot of customization and improvements to the base engine. And one of the drivers for using Vivaldi, is performance. Vivaldi has greatly improved on the ever resource hungry Chrome browser. Vivaldi current supports Windows, OSX and Linux.

Vivaldi3 Vivaldi2

Some of the features of Vivaldi are the ability to have stackable or tiled tabs, built-in notes, mouse gestures and simply a ton more setting options.

The last feature that will make Vivaldi as great as Chrome, “Vivaldi Sync” is expected to be added in the future. That will allow synchronization of bookmarks, history, passwords and settings across multiple computers.

I hope that you download Vivaldi and give it a spin. Who knows, you might have a new regular web browser to use.

Check out Vivaldi here.